When are modules released?

Our Digital Training programs are built around a 12-week system.  Inside your DH Training Vault, new modules are released once per week, every 7 days to be exact.

Every week you will receive an email notifying you that a new module has been added to your vault.  We suggest adding a 90-120 minute block of time in your weekly calendar for the class and the additional time you'll need to work and reflect.

Why a Whole Week in Between?

The week between modules has proven to be the best way for members to absorb and apply the material and is how Darren designed the program experience.

Each module must be “mastered” and put into action before new information comes your way.  It may seem easy at first, but truly integrating the concepts into your routine can be quite challenging long-term.   Some members "Rinse and Repeat" each module several times.

What Should I do During the Week?

Use the week to fill out the workbook, do the call to actions, ask questions, comment inside the modules, read through comments and reply to other members, put what was learned into practice during that week at work/home.  The more time & effort you put into this program, the bigger the changes you'll see toward the end.

The modules will get more intense as you go along, so having those 7 days is greatly appreciated by the time you get to Module 5!

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