Can I access my Darren Hardy Training Vault from a mobile device?

Can I watch my program on my phone? 

You are welcome to access your Vault from your personal mobile devices anytime.
Just be sure you have WiFi access to stream on the go.

The advantage of being a member of Darren Hardy's programs is that you can access the material anywhere you go on any of your devices. 

NOTE: We do track IP addresses for our members, so we advise against sharing your password with others that might take advantage of the materials. If we see anything out of the ordinary we will reach out to you. 

If you have further questions about how, when, and where to access the modules, please contact us.

Helpful tools to learn on the go:

Download the Kajabi app on your phone.
🍎Download on Apple
🤖Download on Google

Next, login with your DH Training Vault email.

Select the Darren Hardy Training Vault.
(Look for the blue check mark)

Then click Next.

Finally, select the program icon you would like to access.


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