I want to cancel INSANE PRODUCTIVITY with the Action Guarantee.


Not your typical legalese. We encourage you to read the below thoroughly.


Here at DARREN HARDY, LLC, our core values are:
And we are fanatical about delivering on them.


WE KNOW... the curriculum can produce life and business transforming results. It can radically alter your future and the wealth of your family's fortune forever. 

BUT... we also know you don't know this yet. 
And you won't until you experience the training for yourself.

THAT IS WHY... Darren is providing you this audacious guarantee.

This is the distillation of his 25+ year epic adventure in collecting the very best in human performance and leadership development from the most iconic success achievers of our lifetime. 

The growth advantage and acceleration this curriculum provides you can produce results far beyond your enrollment investment fee. Darren assumes all your risk, so you have zero.

Now, to be clear about the conditions of this guarantee:


Like a concert or any other event experience, if you don't show up there are no refunds.


There are pre-experience preparation materials, journey logs, action guides, and quests to complete during the learning adventure. At least the first FOUR modules will need to be completed and sent in to prove participation and qualify for your refund. This includes watching the video training sessions completely and completing the follow-along Manual pages, the Action Guide, Module Worksheets, and the After-Action Review for each module.

It's as simple as this: Show up, do the work, and your investment return is (better than!) guaranteed.

To request cancellation within the first 30 days, submit your request HERE and our badass finance team will assist you.  This process has to be completed within 30 days of purchase. There are no exceptions. Read that again please—no exceptions. Proof of ACTION is required to enact the Action Guarantee.


Monthly Installment Plans

If you opted to finance your digital training program purchase instead of paying in full, this section is for you:

Your Commitment

If you chose one of our monthly installments plans to finance your program purchase, and you do not cancel within the first 30 days, you are responsible for completing your monthly payments regardless of whether or not you participate in or finish the program.  We are financing your purchase and the full amount (plus any incurred interest) must be paid.  

If your payment method on file does not allow us to bill the payment due, we will reach out to you and give you a 7-day grace period.  We'll do our best to help you make arrangements, such as but not limited to, processing a partial payment, or using a secondary payment method on file.  

If you do not get your information up-to-date during that grace period, your program access will be temporarily suspended until arrangements are made.  To be clear, temporarily losing access does not eliminate the debt owed. 

We respect your choice to step up and Be The Exception. We want to help! We’ll try our best to reach you using the contact information you provided (ex: email, telephone, Skype, or in writing by U.S. mail).  We hate doing this, but if after attempting to reach you we are still unable to process the payment due, we may work with a third-party (collections agency) to help us recover the full balance remaining.

For this unsecured loan, we are relying on your good character and integrity. We are trusting you.

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