The Action Guarantee: Why it exists.

After the documentation of now over 20,000 alumni experiencing insane results in their life after completing the INSANE PRODUCTIVITY training and eFASTPASS, we know one thing for sure: These programs work, if you will.

But, we also understand that you have tried or purchased programs in the past and where it wasn’t all they promised to be. We hate that too!

Notice that it is called an ACTION Guarantee, meaning requiring you to take ACTION on what you learn. The program will help you do that, but you have to follow-through. If you do it will produce for you. Within only the first four modules you will begin to see how multiplying your output and results are possible - for you and in your life.

Keep in mind that the first four modules help provide the foundation and framework for what’s to come. It’s just the very beginning of the journey. Ultimate victory will require time, consistency, and continued effort.

You will need to get back up when you fall off track (because that will surely happen, and its normal). It’s going to require that you stay committed to your growth progress long after the mood you originally invested in this program in, has left you.

These are programs about self-mastery. Do not expect them to be quick, nor easy. Darren makes it simple, and he will guide and mentor you all along the way, but you have to be an ACTION hero here.

DO NOT be discouraged if your BHAGs--Big, Hairy and Audacious Goals--haven’t come to fruition by module four. Your heroic journey is only just getting started.

If you are giving up and you wish to apply for the Action Guarantee you have to do as defined in the terms of the guarantee: submit your worksheets for the first four modules and explain HOW you took action, applied what you learned into your life and why you think it didn't work for you

Or, you can buck up (as Darren likes to say!) and continue the exciting adventure ahead to pursue the very best within you... and become the hero you want to be for those who are counting on you - your family, your team and your community. Make’em proud!

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