Migrating from SUCCESS Academy to the Darren Hardy Vault?

Welcome to the Darren Hardy Training Vault!
As you now see, Darren is separate from the SUCCESS team. 
All of your programs will now be under one login here with us!

Can I still use the SUCCESS login?

Yes! You do have the option to still use your SUCCESS login. We did want you to know that you now have access with Darren Hardy LLC and if you are a member of INSANE PRODUCTIVITY all your programs will be in one spot!

Will I still have Lifetime Access?

Yes! You can access your digital training system 24/7/365!
Your program has not changed. It is now with Darren Hardy LLC. 

Why did my Modules move?

We wanted to be able to fully serve you through our own platform. Since Darren is no longer affiliated with SUCCESS Magazine it was important to him to work directly with our members. 


The all-new, completely updated, and supercharged INSANE PRODUCTIVITY designed by Success Mentor Darren Hardy is an award-winning and considered the world's best, success training system there is. It is a result of Darren's 30+ year journey of interviewing and extracting the tools, systems, and strategies from the world's greatest achievers, all packed into one intensive learning system. This program has already produced insane results in the lives of over 20,000 alumni of the program. Do you want insane results, insanely fast... sanely? If so, this is the best program there is! 

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