How do I update my payment method on file?

The payment method we have on file will be used for all future installments of your monthly plan.
In the event that you've changed cards, or want to use a different payment method, you may update this through the Darren Hardy Billing Portal.  The Billing Portal is currently not mobile friendly, so we recommend you access it through a computer.  We're working with our platform providers to improve this!

 1.  Request Access to Your Billing Portal

If you have never accessed your billing portal, contact us to request access HERE.
We'll send you an email with a link to help you log in.  
Once you've created a password, you can return to the portal anytime to update your information.

  • Already Have a Login? Visit: Darren Hardy Billing Portal
    • IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Your billing portal is different than the Training Vault where you access your program(s). 

DH Billing Portal Login

2. Select “PAYMENT METHODS” at the top left corner of your homepage.

DH Billing Portal Payment Method Button


Once added, you can set a specific card as your default payment method, remove one or edit an existing one if needed.

DH Billing Portal Add Payment Method

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