How do I join the live and recorded learning sessions for Hero's Journey?

How to Access Learning Sessions

To view any of the live or recorded sessions for Hero's Journey:

  1. Login to your vault ( and choose "Hero's Journey"
  2. Click on your Hero's Journey product
  3. On the left sidebar you will find a list of all the resources AND links to the Live Q&A Sessions.

Each week new sessions will be added, and you can find them here!

NOTE: During the Live Session, Member Chat will be enabled BEFORE and AFTER the session.  This encourages focus and eliminates the chatter as a source of distraction during the presentation. 




Trouble with Sound or Video During Live Sessions

We do our best to provide optimal viewing quality, and we assure you won't miss anything.

The Live Q&A sessions are dependent on internet connectivity and bandwidth of each Member presenting and viewing. 

Each session is recorded and will be available in your Vault soon after the session ends.

If you are having trouble with sound or video:

  1. Try refreshing the page or switching to a new browser like Chrome or Firefox
  2. Click the "unmute" message at the top of the video
  3. Switch to a desktop computer vs. a mobile device
  4. Make sure you have a strong internet connection
  5. Avoid using VPN or Firewall 

Bandwidth Requirements for Live Streaming

We are streaming in 1080p sometimes 720p.
So the viewer needs at least a 5-10 Mbps bandwidth.
5Mpbs is the minimum, and, for example, if 5 people are streaming simultaneously they need 75 to 100 Mbps (minimum) so they don't get any dropping. That is well below most internet standards today.

All the above is different is if viewing the pre-recorded materials.
The streaming quality of recordings can be adjusted inside the Training Vault.
Use the gear icon in the bottom right of the video player to change the video quality.


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