I'm having trouble with the Hero's Journey Live Stream

If you're having trouble with the Hero's Journey Live Stream...

  1. Refresh your page
  2. Click "unmute" on the video
  3. Check your Wifi connection
  4. Restart your computer 
  5. Watch on another device

If we are having technical difficulties on our end...
We'll post a message here immediately.

If chat turns off...

At the beginning of every live stream session for Hero's Journey, the chat box will be on. You are encouraged to share your name and where you're from.

After Darren begins mentoring, we turn off chat to eliminate distractions.

After Darren's concludes, we'll open chat back up for you to share your feedback and final word. For Q&A sessions, we will also take questions via the chat box until our time limit is reached based on feedback from the community!

If you missed the live stream session or parts of it...

After every the live stream session ends, we do the HardyHustle to get the recording up in your DH Training Vault ASAP.

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