I have questions about the Summer Reset Challenge

When does the challenge start?
The challenge officially kicks off on Monday, July 12th, and will finish six days later on Saturday, July 17th. If you are not registered please do it now! You don't want to miss this.
Join with this link or share it with those you would love to have on this journey with you! 


What if I don't own a copy of The Compound Effect?
Once registered for the challenge, Darren will buy you a copy.
You'll be given a private, backdoor link where you can gain access to the hardcover book. 

You can also choose the audio version to gain access right now.
When at the store you will see the hardcover option. Simply click the arrows to choose audio.



Where do I go to listen to the audiobook or get the ebook?
When you purchase the audio/ebook you will receive an email from the DH Training Vault with a username and password to access it.
If you are a current vault member the audio will simply be added to your training vault as long as you registered with the same email tied to your vault. 

The link in the email will direct you to the Darren Hardy Training Vault where you will see your audiobook


What if I've read The Compound Effect before?
This is a great opportunity to rinse & repeat with Darren, the A-Team and the entire Be The Exception community as well as invite your 'fortress of support' along on the journey with you!

What if I don't get my book in time? 
We've set it up so you'll instantly receive access to the full audiobook as well as the ebook version so you'll be able to get started with everyone on July, 12th no matter what! 

What if I fall behind?
Get back up! Listening or reading one chapter will take you less than an hour a day. This is what will help build your consistency muscle and build your success momentum to finish the year strong. 

Do I have to have Facebook to take part in the challenge?
No, you do not. We do recommend that if you do have Facebook that you use this as a way to be engaged in the challenge! Get to know others and keep accountable!

When will the Mastermind call be and will it be recorded?
The Mastermind call with Darren will be LIVE on Monday, July 19th at 10am PST.
We do encourage you to make sure you can be there for the event.

We do not have plans as of now to record. We will keep you posted if that changes. 
It is always important to act when Darren is offering such an event. You never know;)

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