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Our billing team is here to answer any of your billing questions. 

Whether you need help changing your payment method on file, obtain a receipt or if you have questions about a payment, we are here to help. 

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I selected monthly payments for my program purchase.  When will I be billed?  
Our system bills on the same date each month.  If you purchased the program on the 5th, your monthly payments will bill on the 5th of each month.  If you'd like to change your billing date, contact us HERE and we will help you do so. 
Which payment method will you bill my monthly payments to? 
Our system only allows for one primary payment method. If you purchase a digital training program and select monthly payments (rather than paying in full), we will bill the payment method you provide during enrollment.

Should you purchase another program at a later time and use a different payment method, our system will use the new payment method for any and all future payments.  

If you have found that we billed a monthly payment to the wrong payment method, contact us right away and we will gladly make things right.  

I set up a certain card as my primary payment method, but you still billed a different card. How come? 
If you have a monthly plan set up for your program purchase and have more than one payment method on file, our system will always try to bill the primary payment method.  If we are unable to process payment with the primary payment method, we will contact you via email to ask for your help. 

We'll continue attempting to recover your payment and email you each time it is unsuccessful. 

After four unsuccessful attempts to process payment and to reach you, our system may try to bill the next available payment method on file.   

If this happens and you need us to switch the payment over to a different card, contact us right away and we will gladly make things right. 




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