I want to cancel my JUMPSTART enrollment with the Action Guarantee.

Not your typical legalese. We encourage you to read the below thoroughly.


Here at DARREN HARDY, LLC, our core values are:
And we are fanatical about delivering on them.

WE KNOW... the curriculum can produce life and business transforming results. It can radically alter your future and the wealth of your family's fortune forever. 

BUT... we also know you don't know this yet. 
And you won't until you experience the training for yourself.

THAT IS WHY... Darren is providing you this audacious guarantee.

If after 14 days of the class starting, you don’t think you will see a three times return on investment, you can excuse yourself from the session, send in your completed worksheets, and we will reimburse you 100% of your enrollment fee. 

This ensures you have zero to lose and significant profits to gain.

As documented by our 5,000+ alumni, this program WORKS...if you do. 

Now, to be clear about the conditions of this guarantee:


Like a concert or any other event experience, if you don't show up there are no refunds. 


There are pre-experience preparation materials, journey logs, action guides, and quests to complete during the learning adventure. At least the first TWO modules will need to be completed and sent in to prove participation and qualify for your refund. This includes watching the video training sessions completely and completing the follow-along Manual pages, the Action Guide, Module Worksheets, and the After-Action Review for each module.

It's as simple as this: Show up, do the work, and your investment return is (better than!) guaranteed.

To request cancellation within the first 14 days, submit your request HERE and our badass finance team will assist you.  This process has to be completed within 14 days of enrollment.  There are no exceptions. Read that again please—no exceptions. Proof of ACTION is required to enact the Action Guarantee.


If you are eligible to enact the Action Guarantee you must submit your request through our cancellation form above. Once a member of the Darren Hardy A-Team confirms your eligibility, you’ll be asked to submit PDF scans of your fully completed work for Modules 1-2 to finalize your cancellation. This process has to be completed within 14 days of enrollment. There are no exceptions. Read that again please—no exceptions. Proof of ACTION is required to enact the Action Guarantee.


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