I want to download the Audio Program MP3 files to my mobile device

Audio programs are available for all of Daren

  1. LOGIN: You will first need to login to your Darren Hardy training vault to access The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster Audio Book. Please use this link: https://www.dhtrainingvault.com/login
  2. OPEN: Then you will want to open up the program titled “ The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster Audio Program”
  3. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: Once the program is open, you can proceed to the “Getting Started/Introduction”

    From here you can choose to download the MP3 Files and it will automatically start downloading it to your computer or laptop, or right-click the file and choose “Save link as…” to start the downloading process.

    NOTE: The files must be downloaded on a laptop or desktop first and then synced up to a smartphone or tablet.



  4. MOVE FILES: Go to the folder where the downloaded file landed in your computer, and drag (or move) the file over to your iTunes (iOS) or Dropbox folder

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