I haven't received my login information

Once your payment is confirmed, our system automatically sends two emails: 

  1. An invoice receipt
  2. Your DH Training Vault Email and Password from our system email: darren-hardy@t.kajabimail.net


If You Have Not Received an Email from Kajabi:

  1. The email will go to the same email address at which you received your payment confirmation
  2. Search all folders of your email for "DH Training Vault" and from "darren-hardy@t.kajabimail.net"
  3. Check your Spam, Social and Promotions folders
  4. If nothing turns up, contact us and our A-Team will review your account.

If It's Been a Long Time Since You Logged In:

If you accessed the vault in the past, try using your old email and password - our system may have retained this information.  Contact us if your old email address is no longer valid.

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